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DWI in Woodbridge?  We can help.  We are Woodbridge NJ DWI and DUI defense attorneys.  

Our law firm handles only DWI and criminal cases.  So if you are facing a DWI or DUI in Woodbridge, NJ, we can offer specialized representation and vigorous defense.  Attorney Al Mollo has handled many DWI and DUI cases in the Woodbridge Municipal Court. He has specialized training regarding the Alcotest, the breath testing machine used in Woodbridge.  He is also certified in DWI drug impairment recognition and forensic toxicology. Very few attorneys have this specialized training.  Mr. Mollo is also one a select group of attorneys in the State of New Jersey to be certified in field sobriety testing.  He has used this training to successfully defense drivers charged with Woodbridge DWI and DUI.  

Click to Watch DWI Lawyer Al Mollo on TV
Click to Watch DWI Lawyer Al Mollo on TV

Woodbridge DWI and DUI cases are among the most serious a New Jersey driver can face.  Defendants convicted in Woodbridge will receive mandatory driver’s license suspension.  They also face monetary fines, penalties and, in certain situations, requirement to install an interlock device on their car.  This is a portable breath testing machine.  Those convicted of Woodbridge DWI can be sentenced to the Middlesex County Jail for a first or second  DWI offense, and face mandatory jail for a third or subsequent offense. Learn more about the Woodbridge DWI penalties by clicking here.

If you are facing DWI or DUI tickets in Woodbridge, contact our office today to discuss your case. Consultations are always free and always always confidential.

You can call our office at 732-747-1844.  Or you can e-mail Al Mollo directly at [email protected].  You can also text Al at 732-567-2441. Thank you.

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