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Project Defend the Defenders
Al Danny Air Force

The Mollo Law Firm is saying “thank you” on Veterans Day.

We have created Project Defend the Defenders and will offer free legal representation to Veterans charged with any traffic offense on Veterans Day.

Any Vet charged with any traffic offense that occurs anywhere in the State of New Jersey on Veterans Day can retain our firm for representation at no cost.  Whether it’s a serious matter like a DWI or a basic speeding ticket, we will take care of it for free.

Very often our Veterans do not have the financial resources to afford counsel.  This is a shame and we as members of the bar have an obligation to help, at least on this one day.

If you or a friend is a Veteran and have been charged with a traffic offense on Veterans Day call our office at 888-356-4529 for more information.

“They call us defense attorneys, because we are charged with defending the rights of the accused.  But the brave members of our military are the real defenders, because they guard our very freedom.  They are heroes and deserve our respect and thanks.”  -Al Mollo