Criminal, DWI & Traffic. It’s all we do.  

This law firm is committed to defending clients accused of criminal, DWI and traffic offenses in New Jersey.

This is a different kind of law firm. If you need a New Jersey criminal attorney, DWI attorney or traffic court attorney we can help. Every prospective client is entitled to a free consultation, a free report outlining the legal issues and fees and unlimited office meetings to discuss your case. We will explain your case is a comprehensive way, not in confusing legal talk- but in straight talk you will understand. Most important, you are promised to be treated with the dignity and respect your deserve.

Our job is to ensure justice for the accused. We understand that if you have been charged with a a criminal offense, DWI or traffic violation and have been subjected to arrest, it is likely that you are going through a traumatic time in your life. You have suffered through the unpleasant experience of of roadside field sobriety tests, been handcuffed, finger printed, and, in many ways, treated like a “criminal.” You are also likely anticipating the accompanying embarrassment and sting associated with a arrest.

New Jersey criminal, DWI and traffic law is continually evolving. As such, you need a lawyer who has the skill, experience, capacity and interest to remain on the cutting edge of this rapidly-developing area of the law.

This law firm has handled thousands of cases in all of New Jersey’s counties. Each year, we appear on hundreds of matters. We handle cases at every level in the New Jersey Court system, and Albert Mollo is one of few attorneys who have argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Our obligation is to hold the State to its burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As New Jersey criminal, DWI and traffic attorneys, we vigorously defend our clients. We promise to painstakingly examine all the evidence against you. We promise to explain the law and charges against you in a way that you can understand, so that we can make the best decisions concerning how to move forward.

Al Mollo has represented thousands of clients in Courts throughout the State of New Jersey.  Each year, Mr. Mollo handles hundreds of cases and is committed to providing the vigorous representation to every client, every day.  His knowledge and experience complement his personal commitment to providing efficient and sophisticated legal representation.

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